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Ecco Ripley launches to the market

Sekisui House is officially launching Ecco Ripley on Saturday 10 May with the release of stage one – Brooking Rise – providing home buyers with the first chance to buy in the new community.

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Brooking Family Honoured at Ecco Ripley

Ripley Valley locals the Brooking family, will be honoured at Ecco Ripley as Sekisui House names the new community’s first precinct and street Brooking Rise after the site’s previous owners.

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Time to Play and Grow at Ecco Ripley

Sekisui House is making a significant investment in cutting edge landscape and playground designs in stage one of its new residential development Ecco Ripley.

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Ecco Ripley Rides the Information Superhighway

Ecco Ripley residents will have access to a super-fast internet and entertainment network five times faster than surrounding residential areas, as Sekisui House partners with Opticomm to install fibre to the home throughout the new development.

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