Ripley Central State Primary School: New school planned for Ipswich in Ripley Valley estate

Date: 8 September 2021

The state government has submitted its plan to build a new school, which is expected to welcome 1200 students and open its doors in 2023.

The state government has submitted plans to build a new school in one
of southeast Queensland’s hottest growth areas, which is expected to open in a little over a year.

The Department of Education lodged a development application to Ipswich City Council to build a primary school on a five-hectare piece of land in Ripley.

The site falls within the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area, which is set to be home to 120,000 people and 50,000 homes by 2045.

The proposed Ripley Central State Primary School will be located within the Ripley Valley estate on Binnies Road.

According to the department, the school will ultimately accommodate for up to 1200 Prep to Year 6 students.

Between 80 and 100 full-time staff will be needed to work at the school.
It is expected to open in time for the start of term one in 2023 with only Prep and Year 1 students.

“The Ripley Valley estate is being developed by Satterley Property Group, with the masterplanned community to consist of a mix of residential, open space and educational land uses,” the application noted.

“The (department) has worked in collaboration with Satterley Property Group in defining the land required for the proposed school.

“The (department) seeks to deliver a new state primary school to meet the growing urban catchment within the Ripley Valley PDA, with the need to accommodate the residential growth and corresponding increase in school-aged population.”

Plans show the school will be made up of separate but linked learning precincts for Preps, Years 1 to 3 and Years 4 to 6.

“The learning precincts will have associated support and service facilities, which provide specialists centre, resource centre, administration, and student wellbeing facilities such as covered play area, canteen, amenities and sporting facilities,” the application noted.

The school will be built over two stages.

Representatives from the department met with council officers about the project in June, with the council raising concerns about traffic impacts, lighting on surrounding houses and noise impacts among other issues.
The department said it had addressed all matters raised by the council in its application.

Planned facilities include science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning areas, outdoor learning spaces and a multipurpose hall, with 237 car parks proposed.

“The Ripley Central State Primary School Area is not subject to a limited catchment area at this stage, however it is expected to predominantly service the surrounding emerging community, as demand and need requirements of the community dictate,” the application noted.

Plans submitted for the proposed school, which will house 1200 students at its peak.

“(The department) will consider catchment boundaries as future design progresses.

“The proposed development will provide additional essential community infrastructure within an emerging community currently under construction.”

The expanding Ripley Valley State School and Ripley Valley State Secondary College co-located in the nearby Providence estate five minutes down the road both opened in 2020.

“The proposed development is expected to accommodate the needs of the Ripley Valley Estate and immediate surrounding catchment,” the application noted.

“The presence of additional educational facilities will also benefit the surrounding future development of the Ripley Valley Estate, by ensuring a higher level of liveability for future residents, and therefore contribute to the overall benefits to existing and prospective residents in the local area.

By Lachlan McIvor, Courier Mail, 8 September 2021