The love of humanity is our defining philosophy

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Ecco Ripley 213 LR

At Sekisui House, our commitment to excellence transfers across everything we do, from the integration of Smart Universal Design principles into our overall design philosophy, to the way we focus on building and developing communities.

Love of Humanity is our defining philosophy. It means that everything we do, we do in good faith, and with a spirit of service. It means we work hard to create happiness in others and place the very highest value on our customers and partners.

Our purpose is to create homes and communities that improve with time and last for generations.

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At Sekisui House, we believe that an enduring and sustainable society is one that is based on a balanced, global eco-system, where all people can live in comfort. This is achieved by ensuring we maintain four core values in sustainable urban development – social, environmental, economic and residential value.

Established in 1960, we are proud to be one of Japan’s most respected community developers and home builders. In 2009, we began our international expansion and we now have offices in Singapore, China, Australia and the United States. By leveraging our strengths cultivated in Japan, we have been able to successfully contribute to environmental and community improvements in the countries we operate.

The Sekisui House Masterplan - Ripley

The Sekisui House masterplan in Ripley includes Ecco Ripley (residential) and Ripley Town Centre (mixed use), together delivering diverse living options and seamless access to health, education, commercial, community and retail facilities centred around a proposed transport hub.

Positioned in the Urban Core, it has been developed to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its community. A seamless blend of inner-city life surrounded by the refreshing qualities of nature.